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Since 2005, our founder Faraz Ardekani and his father, Mark, have been working together in the home  renovating business in Washington, DC and Maryland. Faraz at that time was also attending college at the University of Maryland, College Park for civil engineering, specializing in structural engineering. During those years he gained so much construction knowledge from his father, who had already been in this business for two decades, and learned the true meaning of hard work and perseverance. After he graduated, Faraz decided to use his knowledge and get into real estate and construction in developing and renovating homes in the DMV area, specializing in Washington, DC, and eventually founding Ziba Management in 2016.

Ever since, Ziba has created a team of seasoned professionals, expert craftsmen and highly skilled subcontractors that collaborate tirelessly to create the best homes with impeccable attention to detail. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to crafting architectural masterpieces that surpass expectations. We strive to curate unique living spaces that blend seamlessly with their surroundings while offering unrivaled comfort and modern amenities. At our company, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exceptional homes that not only elevate your lifestyle but also stand as timeless investments.

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